Enough is Enough - Michael Marslew Peace Foundation


The Background

Michael Marslew, an 18 year old University student, an innocent employee in a pizza shop, was shot dead during a bungled armed robbery. This single senseless act, horrible and unacceptable as it was, had a profound effect upon the boy’s father.

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Somehow, through the devastation of the loss, Ken Marslew saw a serious community need that was not being addressed. The Enough is Enough Anti-Violence Movement Inc. was founded.

The Michael Marslew Peace Foundation continues all the hard work Enough is Enough does in the community. It has established itself on the idea that young people are capable of making positive difference in the world. First by enriching their own lives, then taking what they’ve learned into the community.


The Need

It takes a village to raise a child. Vulnerable children are the responsibility of us all.

Enough is Enough has relaunched the Michael Marslew Peace Foundation for the specific purpose of empowering young people to make positive decisions in their lives and to teach practical strategies for the issues they face.

We are committed to the exploration, research, development, implementation and evaluation of strategies to deliver practical peace strategies, and will continue to research by listening to young people, hearing their complaints and developing our projects to specifically target their needs.

  1.  To ensure that youth in the Sutherland Shire and the wider community are provided with an advocacy service which allows them to voice their concerns.
  2. To promote the counselling services, therapeutic programs, awareness programs and presentations and early intervention programs that Enough is Enough can provide for young people
  3. To raise awareness of the issues facing young people in the Sutherland Shire to the larger population in the local Sutherland Shire area.
  4. To provide advice to Enough is Enough organisation about the needs and issues affecting young people in the Sutherland Shire
  5. To develop and maintain networks with Sutherland Shire youth service providers and support services


The success of the MMPF relies on providing a voice to young people in the Sutherland Shire and embracing what the community tells us are the most pressing needs they face. In turn, we care for this community and provide best practice strategies to deal with the problems young people face. Our values are about openness, group decision making and a commitment to continuous community development

  • Advocacy – Encouraging all members of the Youth Committee to share their ideas for youth initiatives
  • Integrity – Doing what we say we will do
  • Inclusiveness – The embracing of diversity and inclusion of any young person aged 16-30 on our Youth Committee regardless of gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation.
  • Innovation – Developing best practice strategies to target the identified needs in the Sutherland Shire youth population






Proud Partners