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We support victims of violence and educate youth in the community

I am a victim of violence

Enough is Enough helps me with ongoing counselling to overcome my trauma. When I was the victim of a violent attack, the Victims Assistance Team stepped in to support me as I dealt with the Police and Justice authorities, and filled out my Victims Services application.

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I am a school student and young offender

Through Enough is Enough sessions I learnt that violence is not the solution to my problems. I was taught about alternative ways to behave and provided with the right tools, counselling and support. Enough is Enough’s education gave me a positive life direction that I have embraced.

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I am a child of a domestic violence victim

My siblings and I felt trauma as we saw our Mum suffer, but Enough is Enough has helped us through it. The Victims Assistance Team gave us practical support and our counsellors have helped us to recover, so we can look forward to a future without violence.

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