Offender Programs

Community Corrections

Enough is Enough has an established relationship with the Department of Communities and Justice, we accept referrals directly from Community Corrections offices based in the Sutherland Shire and Greater Sydney area.

We offer a range of programs for offender rehabilitation including:

Stress and Anger Management Program – an education and practical skills program that is delivered through a mix of one on one sessions with a clinician and a full-day workshop. This program is designed to help identify behaviours within one’s self to reduce harm within the clients personal and broader communities.

Kick the Habit – This is a drug and alcohol relapse prevention program that provides practical skills to reduce addiction behaviours delivered through one on one sessions with a clinician.

R-Program – (Victims impact and risk management seminar) – delivered in community settings as well as correctional facilities available to both victims and offenders.

Enough is Enough knows that there are many presenting issues within the community, we know that there are many circumstances and backgrounds that may lead some people on a path of offending – hurt people hurt people. Our work at Enough is Enough significantly reduces these risk factors through the work we undertake, we see the desperate need to break down the barriers to service accessibility and provide immediate help to those who need it.

We are happy to have a chat with Community Corrections Officers, lawyers and those who would like to self refer. Please call our office on 9542 4029 or email

Work Development Orders 

Enough Is Enough works alongside NSW State Revenue to help you pay back your fines to the state. 

This can be achieved through a range of approved activities, at Enough is Enough each counselling session reduces your fines by $250, up to $1000 a month. To find out more visit: