Victims Services

Enough is Enough works closely with the Department of Communities and Justice who ensures all victims of violence are cared for to the best as possible.
Through the Victims Service Scheme, we are able to provide our clients;

Counselling is available to primary, secondary victims and family members of the victim of an act of violence. You may be eligible for 22 hours of counselling which is available to all victims and relevant family members. 

Our staff support victims of crime within the Victims Services application process. ‘Victims Support’ describes the package of counselling services, financial services and recognition payments that are available to eligible victims of violent crimes in NSW through the Victims Rights and Support Act 2013. To request victims support, a completed application must be lodged with Victims Services, talk to our Victims Assistance team to find out more.

We also provide group therapy sessions including;

Revive – a support group for victims of Domestic Violence 

Art Therapy – Support groups that encourage healing and growth through art expression. 

R-Program – (Victims impact and risk management seminar) – delivered in community settings as well as correctional facilities available to both victims and offenders.

For more information call the office to speak to a member of our Victims Assistance Team.

Fact Sheets and Forms – for help with these forms call our office on 9542 4029
Victims Charter of Rights

Application form for Primary Victims (online)

Application form for Counselling (online)

Application form for Support for a Family Member of a Homicide Victim (online)

Application form for funeral expenses by a funeral director (online)

Application form for forensic cleaning expenses (online)

Certificate of earnings – fillable (PDF, 448kb)

Work Development Orders 

Enough Is Enough works alongside NSW State Revenue to help you pay back your fines to the state. 

This can be achieved through a range of approved activities, at Enough is Enough each counselling session reduces your fines by $250, up to $1000 a month. To find out more visit: