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Victim of Crime Support

Victim of Crime Support  – Enough is Enough was founded by Ken Marslew, following the senseless murder of his 18 year old son Michael at Jannali Pizza Hut in 1994. Since that time Ken has worked ceaselessly to promote the rights of victims through raising awareness of their needs through education, change to legislation and the promotion of personal responsibility.

Enough is Enough uses a unique counselling model Victim, Survivor, Thriver – the Journey which is based on personal experience, supported by professional training.

A definition of a victim is one who has no choice, it is acknowledged that there may be times in one’s life when you don’t understand that you have choices, however this is a temporary status. Staff at Enough is Enough is focus on assisting people to be aware of the choices available and on encouraging them to act on those choices to move on with their life.

You can then reach the position of being a survivor – one who endures. That is just getting on with life. There is however the opportunity to become a thriver, that is, you can take the worst thing that can possibly happen to you and use it as a learning experience to move on to have a more positive life style than previously.

Remember that victimhood is a temporary status, and by the use of positive reinforcement and support can be overcome.

Support Services for Victims of Crime

Counselling and Support Groups

We have qualified, experienced counsellors who can work with you. All counselling is confidential. We conduct group or individual, face to face and telephone counselling.

All our counsellors belong to professional Counselling Associations and have special areas of expertise, e.g. Domestic Violence, Relationship Counselling, Depression and Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Stress/Anger Management, Life Coaching-Mediation, Adolescent Behaviour/Adult Health.

Enough is Enough support groups aim to provide a caring environment in which people may share their experiences with others in similar circumstances, feel supported and gain access to information. All support groups facilitated by experienced staff.

Guided Self Empowerment Meditation


Uncover your inner strength with our Self Empowerment Meditation. With this guidance and direction, you can achieve inner strength and the ability to be resilient in handling the challenges and stresses of life.Play Time 7 min.

Information and Referrals

We have access to printed material and valuable contacts. Please contact us on 02 9542 4029.

Advocacy & Court support

Clients undergoing counselling often have current cases in the legal system ( domestic, family vilence, driving, road trauma, etc. )and require additional support while they attend court. We can provide them with professional support during this process, using our own staff or by referral to another court support provider. Court reports available.


We support the Conferencing process, where, in a structured, assisted format in a safe environment victims get a chance to confront those who have caused them harm. This is a powerful tool for emotional healing and acceptance.

Educational Programs and Workshops

Programs include:

Certifiate courses on a range of issues – e.g. Anger/Stress Management, Compassion Fatigue.

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Creative Paths to Healing

What is ‘Creative Paths to Healing’?

“Art Therapy emerged from the idea that art can be used not only to alleviate or contain feelings of trauma, fear or anxiety, but also to repair, restore and heal.” Cathy Malchiodi PhD, Expressive Art Therapist, Mental Health Counsellor and internationally recognized authority on art therapy with children, adults and families.

The Creative Paths to Healing program is an art therapy support program for people who have been victims of crime. Being a victim of crime is often a very traumatic experience. This art therapy program is designed to help victims of crime to explore relevant issues relating to trauma, grief and loss, and feelings of stress, anger and injustice. Participants have the opportunity to find new ways to express, contain and transform difficult post-traumatic experiences, using creative arts activities as a method of processing and alternative modes of self-expression.

Creative Paths to Healing is made up of 8 art therapy workshops that are run for 2 hours per week. The program is suitable for groups of 5-8 people.

Who is it for?

The Creative Paths to Healing program is open to all ages. Depending on numbers and registration, participants will be placed into age appropriate groups.

The benefits

Creative Paths to Healing may help you to:

  • Increase self-awareness so you can understand your thoughts, feelings and behaviour patterns.
  • Reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety and increase your quality of life.
  • Discover sources of inner strength to support resiliency and post-traumatic growth.
  • Discover innovative coping strategies to help with healing and recovery, and managing the after-effects of traumatic events.
  • Experience relief and support through communicating experiences which may be hard to put into words.
  • To join with others, to have fun and relax.


What is involved?

Creative Paths to Healing is presented as a personal journey where participants have the opportunity to get in touch with their individual emotional framework within a safe, culturally appropriate, confidential support group. Participants are invited to share their stories and images of life within the context of recovering from traumatic events and experiences, however they are “in charge” of the amount of verbal interaction they have in connection to their artworks.

Along with individual art projects, the workshop activities will also include:

  • Creative Journaling
  • Guided relaxation exercises
  • Making individual ‘Creative Pathways to Healing’ self-care tool kits.

Please download the Creative Paths to Healing brochure for more information

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Patrons & Ambassadors

Our Patrons & Ambassadors


Professor Ken Rigby, University of South Australia


Patrons & Ambassadors – Dr Ken Rigby is an ex-school teacher, currently Adjunct Professor (Research) in the School of Education at the University of South Australia. He has published widely in both academic and professional journals, especially on peer victimisation, and is the author of several books on bullying. These include “New Perspectives on Bullying”(2002), “Children and Bullying: How parents and educators can reduce bullying in schools”(2008) and “Bullying Interventions in Schools: Six basic Approaches”(2010).

He has been employed as consultant and adviser to both Australia State and Federal Education Departments. He has been engaged to speak at many conferences around the world and to provide workshops for teachers and counsellors. His work on bullying is described at

The Hon Greg James QC

Greg James

Former Judge of the NSW Supreme Court and Royal Commissioner. The Hon Greg James QC is presently the President of the NSW Mental Health Review Tribunal and Adjunct Professor at the School of Law Southern Cross University and Visiting Professor and Chair of the Curriculum Committee at the Law School University of Western Sydney.

Scott and Rhonda Gibbons

Scott and Rhonda EisE

Great long time supporters and patrons of EIE.




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Past Events

AusFest 2018 – Jan 26th

Come join us! 🙂


Empowerment – 8TH & 23RD AUGUST, 5TH & 26TH SEPTEMBER


Click the image to access the PDF

World Day of Remembrance – 19th November

Road trauma day

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Sutherland Farmer’s Market – 29th April

Shire Farmers' Market

Empowerment Group – May 2

file-page1 Empowerment group for Domestic violence survivors

Miami Vice Trivia Night Fundraiser – 12th May

Trivia Night General Poster

Come join us on the 12th of May for the Miami Vice Trivia Night Fundraiser for more information click on the link below and purchase tickets

A Trust Workshop – 10th March

trust workshop-1

Grill’d Local Matters


The Year that was 2016


Lynette was nominated! Congratulations


Enough is Enough’s 2016 Annual General Meeting


6/12 – Eastern Philosophy & Meditation class

You are invited to our Eastern Philosophy & Meditation class, contact us for information.



20/11 – Cook Community Classic Carnival

Come join the fun at the CCC at Cronulla Beach on the 20th of November, there will be plenty of activities to do on the beach and park also including family fun activities!!
There will also be an opportunity to have a meet and greet with the Cronulla Sharks!!

1st Show – 10am – 11am
2nd Show – 12.30pm – 1.30pm

25/11 – White Ribbon walk

You are invited!! click the link for more information!
Click here!
If you would like to volunteer to help the set-up for the walk please contact us at (02) 9542 4029 or via email.

Family Law Night


Road trauma victims remembrance day


Enough is Enough Anti Violence Movement Inc. would like to formally invite you to the World Health rganisation’s World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. To be held at the Enough is Enough Peaceful Place at the Woronora Memorial Gardens on the 20th of November 2016, commencing at 10am.
It will be a short non-denominational service to honour those that have been affected by road trauma and those who work towards servicing the needs of those affected. The service will be attended by local dignitaries, and concerned citizens wanting to pay their respects.
Your attendance would be appreciated as we show concern for this tragic issue in our society.

Please confirm your attendance by calling 9542 4029 before the 2nd of November for catering purposes as light refreshments will be served.


Flyer - Creative Paths to Healing Art Therapy Group

No artistic ability or special skills are necessary to benefit from this program

The Creative Paths to Healing program is an art therapy support program for people who have been victims of crime. Being a victim of crime, such as domestic violence or assault, is a very traumatic experience. This art therapy program is designed to help victims of crime to explore relevant issues relating to trauma, grief and loss, and feelings of stress, anxiety, anger and injustice. Participants have the opportunity to explore new ways to express, contain and transform difficult post-traumatic experiences, using creative arts activities as a method of processing and finding alternative modes of self-expression.

Facilitator:  Hayley Froggatt – Arts Therapist & Counsellor

Sutherland Police Youth Expo

The Michael Marslew Peace Foundation are working with Sutherland Local Area Command to promote the services Enough is Enough can offer to young people in the Shire for a better and brighter future. The event will be on  Monday 11 April 2016 at Cooper Street Park, Engadine between 10am and 2pm. We’d love to see all your shining faces on the day!

Like and follow us on Instagram to go into the draw to win a Billabong Prize Pack!

POlice Youth Expo

 Sutherland Shire Harmony Day

 harmony day

‘Inclusion NOT Exclusion’ promoted In Engadine by ‘Enough is enough’ and Sutherland Shire Council

An exciting celebration of unity and harmony occurred at Engadine on Wednesday 23rd March, hosted by Mayor Carmelo Pesce and Enough is Enough Anti Violence Movement. Community members actively participated in the design and development of creative projects, including ‘the Magic Bunyip show’ led by artist Philip Aspden and ‘Strength Bracelets’ coordinated by Hayley Froggatt (leading art therapist- Enough is Enough). Representatives from diverse cultural backgrounds collaboratively devised artistic projects and were further inspired by the personal experiences shared by Mayor Carmelo Pesce in regards to his own family’s cultural diversity and their triumph through adversity that eventuated in great successes, including Mayor Pesce’s father, Tony, who is still the Shire’s most sought after Barber in Caringbah after 47 yeaers.

Ken Marslew (CEO Enough is Enough) lead the proceedings for this exciting afternoon and contributed his own family’s cultural experiences finding strength in diversity. Participants then proceeded to Engadine Community Hall to view the Colourfest film screening of short films that showcased the successes and challenges faced by migrant communities in the Australia and the world.

Representatives from diverse groups in the Shire came together to also share challenges and opportunities including; Kurranulla Aboriginal Corporation, Gymea Community Aid and Information Service, Enough is Enough Anti Violence Movement, the Sutherland Shire Amnesty International group and the Inner South-West Community Development Organisation

For further information regarding workshops, seminars and support services please contact Enough is enough Sutherland on 95424029 or email


Enough is Enough’s 20th Anniversary Celebration Luncheon

Thursday 20th August 2015 – Sharkies Leagues Club

YES, we made it – 20 YEARS!!

What a great lot of presenters who spoke about their part of the journey with Ken and Enough is Enough:

  • MC Ben Fordham – met Ken as a cadet journalist and went into prison to make a TV documentary.
  • Simon Bouda – Ch 9 crime reporter, who met Ken the night Michael was murdered.
  • Gordon Bradbery –  read the sermon at Michael’s funeral.
  • Ray Martin – has followed Ken’s journey for many years.
  • Brendon Dorff – Michael’s best friend from school.
  • Ken Marslew – CEO & founder.
  • Scott Gibbons “Mr Sold”- long time supporter and patron of Enough is Enough and Ken.
  • Darryl Brohman – The Big Marn with a big heart, supporter of Enough is Enough.
  • Many thanks also to Nick Kaldas, Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police for his ongoing support.

What a wonderful group of guests that attended, and helped to fill the room with positives!

And many thanks to the staff and volunteers at Enough is Enough for their amazing efforts.

Thank you all again,

Ken Marslew, CEO & Founder

Someone overheard Ken say – “What a hell of a journey. Parts of it have been dark, parts of it interesting, parts very rewarding. I have loved every moment of the journey…and yet it is a journey no father wants to take.” 





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Coming Events

Harmony Day Final

Mosaic Food Truck Festival on Sunday 24th of March. ENTRY is FREE!

Click here for the PDF HARMONY DAY PDF


Creative Paths to Healing

Creative Paths is a free 8-week art therapy course. (Contact us if you require more information)
Starting on Wednesday 10:30am – 1pm from 24th April 2019.



Art Therapy – First week of July

Art Therapy

No artistic ability or special skills are necessary to benefit from this program

Call: 9542 4029 for information regarding future sessions

The Creative Paths to Healing program is an art therapy support program for people who have been victims of crime. Being a victim of crime, such as domestic violence or assault, is a very traumatic experience. This art therapy program is designed to help victims of crime to explore relevant issues relating to trauma, grief and loss, and feelings of stress, anxiety, anger and injustice. Participants have the opportunity to explore new ways to express, contain and transform difficult post-traumatic experiences, using creative arts activities as a method of processing and finding alternative modes of self-expression.

Facilitator:  Hayley Froggatt – Arts Therapist & Counsellor



Kick the Habit


Promise Keeper Program


Promise Keeper Domestic Violence Awareness is an innovative hour long program designed to teach students how to recognise Domestic Violence, what impact it has on a person and how to respond to it. It opens up the conversation around the myths of Domestic Violence and replaces them with facts. Delivered by experienced provisional psychologist and counsellors, the program encourages youth to break the silence and realise that there is no excuse for abuse.


Charter of Rights

Victims of crime in New South Wales have a Charter of Victims Rights to protect and promote their rights. 

Charter of Victims Rights (Plain English version) Updated 14 December 2010

  1. Respect You will be treated with respect, dignity and compassion. At all times your culture will be respected.
  2. Information about services You will be told as soon as possible about the different services that can help you, including counselling and legal services.
  3. Access to services If you need medical, counselling, and legal help you will be able to get it if it is available.
  4. Information about investigation of the crime If you ask, you will be told about how the police investigation is going. But in some cases there may be some things the police can’t tell you.
  5. Information about the prosecution Prosecution is about taking the offender to court for the crime. This is done by the police, or, in serious cases, the Director of Public Prosecutions. As a victim, you will be told: – what the charges are OR why the offender has NOT been charged; – any decision of the prosecution to change or drop charges; – the date and place of the court hearing; * – the final court result, including any appeal or gaol sentence given. If the prosecution is thinking about changing or dropping the charges they will have a talk to you about this if the crime: – was a serious sex crime, OR – caused you physical harm, mental illness or emotional shock. BUT the prosecution don’t have to talk to you if: – you don’t want to talk about it, OR – they can’t find you.
  6. Information about being a witness If you have to give evidence as a witness in a trial you will be told about HOW the trial works and WHAT you have to do.
  7. No contact with the offender While your case is in court you will be protected from contact with the offender and the offender’s witnesses.
  8. Protection of your privacy You can keep your address and phone numbers private unless the court says different.
  9. Court business before the trial You do NOT have to go to any committal hearing (like a mini trial) or other court business before the trial UNLESS the court says you must.
  10. Returning your goods used as evidence If the police or prosecution took any of your goods as evidence you have the right to get it back as soon as possible.
  11. Your protection If you need protection tell the police or prosecution when the offender applies for bail.
  12. Special bail conditions You will be told about any special bail conditions the offender is given, which are meant to protect you or your family, like a condition which says the offender must not contact you.
  13. Bail decision If you were the victim of sexual assault or other serious assault you will be told if the offender gets bail or not.
  14. Victim Impact Statement If you want to tell the court about how the crime has affected you, then you will be given help and support to do this. This is called giving a ‘victim impact statement’.
  15. When the offender gets released If the offender is in gaol you can be told if the offender is going to be released from gaol soon, has escaped gaol or is on day release.
  16. When the offender applies for parole You can have a say if your offender applies for parole.
  17. Victims compensation If you were the victim of sexual assault or other serious assault, you can apply for victims compensation.
  18. Information about complaint procedures You can make a complaint if you think your rights under the Charter have not been met. You can ask for information about how to do this.
  19. The Charter, set out in the Victims Rights Act (1996) establishes standards for the appropriate treatment of victims of crime when dealing with government agencies and those funded by government – this includes police, health, welfare, prosecution and correctional services.

Please contact us if you need assistance with your rights on 02 9542 4029.

Urgent Assistance

Urgent Assistance – Victims of Crime


The City’s Homeless Persons Information Centre helps homeless people and agencies working with homeless people by providing:

  • immediate advice and information
  • referral to crisis accommodation
  • referral to support services

HPIC operates 9am to 10pm (closed between 1pm -2pm daily) 7 days a week.

In Sydney: Phone: 02 9265 9087

Elsewhere in NSW: Phone: 1800 234 566

Domestic Violence Help
Domestic Violence Help Line: Phone: 1800 65 64 63

Anyone experiencing domestic violence, anywhere in NSW, can call the Domestic Violence Help Line toll free. This number is staffed every day of the year, 24 hours a day.

The Domestic Violence Help Line can arrange emergency accommodation and negotiate with other government departments, such as Health or Housing, to find additional support services for people who need them due to domestic violence.

Child Protection 
Department of Community Services Help Line: Phone: 13 2111

The NSW Department of Community Services works to protect the welfare of young children. This service provides 24 hour after hours service and immediate protective intervention where a child is at risk.

Phone: 1800 333 000

Disaster Recovery Service 
Phone: 1800 018 444

Lifeline (24 hours) 
Phone: 13 11 14

Salvo Crisis Line (Suicide Prevention) 
Phone: 02 9331 2000

Translating and Interpreting Services 
Phone: 13 14 50

Our Presenters


Our presenters have the experience, knowledge and determination to teach life skills which can make a positive difference. All of them, including CEO Ken Marslew AM, present with real life and academic experience few other people have, and bring an engaging passion for the role.

Ken Marslew AM AFAIM


Using personal experience and a wealth of knowledge, Ken encourages students to explore attitudes towards non violent conflict resolution, understanding negative behaviour and emotions, overcoming adversity, building resilience, personal development and leadership skills.

Ken B Marslew presents Enough is Enough programs for:

Jan Sky  (Dip CH DipCS RMASH)


Jan has a combination of skills in Coaching, Training, Sales, Counselling, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. With a psychology background, she provides balance in her presentation style which is both professional and easy to understand. She brings over 25 years of business and personal development experience to her audience and is acknowledged both in Australia and overseas for her contribution to the industry.

Jan is responsible for developing the ESI (Executive State Identification) Mapping tool which is based on ego state personality theory. This she uses with individuals and teams in the workplace. Her book ‘The Many Parts of YOU’ is published in English and Finnish.
Other roles that Jan performs are that of Crisis Counsellor, Support Group Coordinator and she currently delivers business development coaching/counselling.

Jan presents our Reach Out and Relate Program (for correctional staff and inmates).

Kellie (ACA, Dip. Couns.)


Kellie is a counsellor and presenter and has worked with EiE since October 2012. She is currently working on her Bachelor in Counselling, which she expects to complete in 2018.  Kellie enjoys working collaboratively and supporting people of all ages, and presents our monthly Stress and Anger Management workshop.

Michael (CAPA, B.A. Psych. M. Soc. Health. Couns.)

Headshot Michael

Michael is a provisional psychologist who joined Enough is Enough in August 2014. Prior to this he was working as a mentor with Youth at Risk. During which time he completed his Masters in Social Health and Counselling, with a research focus on offenders’ views of restorative justice. Michael presents our Promise Keeper Domestic Violence Awareness program for male perpetrators of Domestic Violence.

Hayley (ANZATA, M. Art Therapy, Grad. Dip. Couns., Grad. Dip. Ed., B. Fine Arts)


Hayley is a registered art therapist, counsellor, teacher, group program facilitator, artist and has worked at EiE since June 2013. She facilitates the Creative Paths to Healing support group for victims of crime.

Jesse McNeilly


Jesse is a veteran, social advocate and business owner. After a career in the army Jesse transitioned into public safety, firefighting, pre-hospital care and other disciplines. Jesse’s up-bringing taught him the importance of self-value, determination and dedication. Jesse has been involved in serious trauma in his life, with early years founded in public housing areas and a life journey that has brought him to his position today. Jesse is dedicated to enhancing our community through positive change and awareness. Jesse’s role at Enough is Enough is inclusive of Advocacy, business operations and education campaigns.



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Community Programs

Community Based Programs


We offer a range of prevention, behaviour change and community development programs. Our programs challenge your thinking and offer strategies for positive change in the way you work and live.

We run our programs and support groups for the wider community including our specialised programs for the indigenous community, youth at risk and correctional centres across NSW.

Our dynamic presenters have the experience, knowledge and determination to teach life skills which can make a positive difference. All of them, including CEO Ken Marslew AM, present with real life and academic experience few other people have, and bring an engaging passion for the role.

Programs include:

Promise Keeper (DV Awareness)

A family/domestic violence awareness presentation outlining and defining family/domestic violence, consequences (both short and long term) and strategies to deal with it (for both victims and perpetrators). Includes a restorative justice component.

Time: Approx. 50 mins

The R Youth Program

The R Youth Program has been designed to give young people (age groups from 11 years to 18 years) identified as “at risk” an understanding of their behaviour – the consequences of their behaviour and the strategies to deal with that behaviour in a simple and positive way. Raising empathy, building positive relationships and tools for emotional management, building resilience and personal values into daily life are also part of this proven program.

The program is suitable for co-educational groups, CALD groups or specific single gender groups.

Topics covered are:

  • Responsibility
  • Highlighting the impact of anti-social behaviour on the broader community
  • Raising the awareness of personal responsibility
  • Re-Evaluation
  • Past attitudes to a range of issues
  • Building values
  • Tools for positive change
  • Relationships
  • Dealing with emotions
  • Types of relationships
  • Goal setting strategies

We recommend separate sessions for teachers and parents to inform them and to assist in the best possible outcomes. On completion of the program attendees are given a certificate of attendance.

Team Spirit Support Groups (Yrs 4 – 6)

Is your child:

  • Being bullied?
  • Showing signs of not coping with challenging situations? Situations such as bullying, anxiety, stress, anger, separation/divorce?
  • Finding it difficult to express feelings?

Then Team Spirit is the right group for them. Team Spirit is an age appropriate support group for children and young people who are experiencing some of these challenges. It’s a place for them to talk and express how they feel in a confidential and safe environment. Fun activities are based around learning effective strategies and coping skills in an interactive manner.

Contact our office for further information on (02) 9542 4029.

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Correctional Programs

Offender Rehabilitation Programs


Why work with Offenders?

People who have committed violent crimes and exhibited anti social behaviour are, whether we like it or not, still part of our community. Very few people stay in prison permanently.

Taking responsibility for one’s actions is not necessarily something that people learn by going to prison – however, it is a vital aspect of our programs.

When a person comes out of prison there is no guarantee of their rehabilitation- they have simply been punished; so one of the concepts of the program – goal setting and changing behaviours to get different outcomes – deals with these issues.

Our raises concepts that are vital to reintegrationinto the community, such as encouraging empathy for victims, encouraging personal initiative and individual goal setting.

Workshops and Programs for Correctional Centres

R Program (for correctional staff and inmates)

Our aim is to achieve positive attitude changes through education at all levels of community. We believe that prison inmates need to be included in this goal, as they are part of our community.

The R Program (Responsibility – Rehabilitation – Reintegration)was designed out of a belief that people who have committed crimes need to accept responsibility for their actions, the consequences of their actions and their victim’s suffering, before they can be rehabilitated.

This constructively confrontation program is available in two formats, for both inmates and staff. It has the potential to challenge negative belief systems and motivate individuals towards positive change.

A Certificate of attendance is given to those who participate fully in the workshop.

Watch our introductory video


Download our The R Program to find out more.

Reach Out and Relate Program (for correctional staff and inmates)

A program for developing relationships

This program is presented in a fun and spirited manner encouraging participants to work together addressing observable behaviours when being part of a team. The objective of this workshop is to engage participants to identify their own level of emotions and look at strategies for positive change.

The presenter uses tools and techniques that involve and encourage participation of individuals to display their preferred behavioural style and address ways to modify behavioural issues. The presenter also addresses levels of conflict and involves participants in their own personal journey and previous conflict through to future change.

Using a range of techniques and activities to reach the objective the topics covered are:

  • DISC Behavioural Profile (modified)
  • Behaviours and communications
  • Team activity for change
  • Conflict escalation
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • The power of change

A Certificate of attendance is given to those who participate fully in the workshop.



Proud Partners