Our schools’ programs are clinically approved by our in-house clinicians and are evidence based.

Schools programs

Our schools’ programs are clinically approved by our in-house clinicians and are evidence based. We currently offer these programs for schools and small groups of young adults:

  1. Rounded – respectful relationships education program
  2. Lit – drug and alcohol responsibility program
  3. Clear – mental health awareness and education
  4. AANDI – LGBTIQA+ Awareness and inclusion program
  5. Solutions – anti-bullying and cyber safety program
  6. Your Life Your Responsibility – This program focuses on personal responsibility, overcoming adversity, bullying behaviours, resilience, maintaining self-control, facing fear and building inner strength. We challenge young people to understand what it means to live your life to the full.
  7. Journey to Justice – This seminar is delivered to school aged students undertaking legal studies or interested in looking at careers in Justice. We bring together industry leaders for a full-day seminar including police, public prosecutors, legal aid, community corrections and community services.

To find out more about our programs call the office on 9542 4029 or email

Kick the Habit program

This is a drug and alcohol relapse prevention program that provides practical skills to reduce addiction behaviours delivered through one-on-one sessions with a clinician.

Michael Marslew Peace Foundation

The Michael Marslew Peace Foundation (MMPF) is a Youth Committee that continues all the hard work Enough is Enough does in the community but from a youth perspective.

At the heart of the MMPF is the belief that young people are capable of making a difference in society, first by helping themselves and then helping out the community.


The committee acts through a variety of avenues including:

Developing its own events, fundraisers and programs that promote Enough is Enough’s Anti Violence movement

Vocalising the committee’s opinion on the way young people are represented and sharing issues committee members think are important for young people on the website’s news page or via our social media

Participating in events organised by Enough is Enough.

Assisting the Enough is Enough team by providing feedback towards the staff on the development of youth-based programs, campaigns and events

Building organisational, leadership and public speaking skills

The youth committee consists of young people aged 14–24, and recruitment is currently open. If you would like to apply to the youth committee, feel free to email Daniella at, or
call the office on (02) 9542 4092.