Michael Marslew Youth Foundation

The Michael Marslew Youth Foundation (MMYF) is a Youth Committee that continues all the hard work Enough is Enough does in the community but from a youth perspective.

At the heart of the MMYF is the belief that young people are capable of making a difference in society, first by helping themselves and then helping out the community. The committee acts through a variety of avenues including:

Developing their own events, fundraisers and programs that promote Enough is Enough’s Anti Violence Movement

Vocalising their opinion on the way young people are represented and share issues they think are important for young people. These are shared on the news page on this website and promoted on our social media,

 Assisting the Enough is Enough by providing feedback towards the staff on the development of youth based programs, campaigns and events,

 Building organisational, leadership and public speaking skills,

 Participating in events organised by Enough is Enough.

The Youth Committee consists of young people ages 14-24, and recruitment is currently open. If you would like to apply to the youth committee feel free to email Daniella at, or call the office on (02) 9542 4092.