Harmony Day Update…

It is with a lot of sadness that unfortunately, Enough is Enough, under the directive of all authorities, have had to cancel our Harmony Day event.

Please be conscious of the small businesses who have generously been a part of our event. It’s in times like this that Enough is Enough would like everyone to remember to shop locally and support the small businesses that will suffer considerably due to COVID-19.

Enough is Enough and the partners of the event would like also to remind everyone of the intended aim of the event, which was to link diverse communities together. It is now more than ever that we need cross-communication and support.

A big thank you to all the support we have had from local businesses, food vendors, those who donated, performers and our volunteers for the day.

If you have any issues, please feel free to contact the office on 9542 4029

Thank you,
The Team at Enough is Enough