Offender Programs

Community Corrections

Enough is Enough works alongside Community Corrections to help rehabilitate and grow offenders of crime. 

We offer a range of programs for offender rehabilitation including, Stress and Anger Management Program, R-Program – rehabilitation program, Kick the Habit – drug and alcohol program and many others. For more information about our programs and how to enrol in them, give the office a call.

Court can be a stressful time, to ensure you are prepared for any outcome, call our office and we can help you be in the best position for every step of the court proceedings.

Work Development Orders 

Enough Is Enough works alongside NSW State Revenue to help you pay back your fines to the state. 

This can be achieved through a range of approved activities, at Enough is Enough each counselling session reduces your fines by $250, up to $1000 a month. To find out more visit:

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