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Art Therapy – First week of July

Art Therapy

No artistic ability or special skills are necessary to benefit from this program

Call: 9542 4029 for information regarding future sessions

The Creative Paths to Healing program is an art therapy support program for people who have been victims of crime. Being a victim of crime, such as domestic violence or assault, is a very traumatic experience. This art therapy program is designed to help victims of crime to explore relevant issues relating to trauma, grief and loss, and feelings of stress, anxiety, anger and injustice. Participants have the opportunity to explore new ways to express, contain and transform difficult post-traumatic experiences, using creative arts activities as a method of processing and finding alternative modes of self-expression.

Facilitator:  Hayley Froggatt РArts Therapist & Counsellor



Kick the Habit


Promise Keeper Program


Promise Keeper Domestic Violence Awareness is an innovative hour long program designed to teach students how to recognise Domestic Violence, what impact it has on a person and how to respond to it. It opens up the conversation around the myths of Domestic Violence and replaces them with facts. Delivered by experienced provisional psychologist and counsellors, the program encourages youth to break the silence and realise that there is no excuse for abuse.


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