Primary School Programs

The Positive Solutions Bullying Resilience Program (Yrs 1 – 6)

The Positive Solutions Bullying Resilience Program consists of:

  • Three two period sessions for students
  • One session for parent
  • One session for teachers

A wide range of material has been sourced to produce this valuable interactive program. The work of Dr Ken Rigby, internationally recognised Australian authority on bullying, has contributed to the project, enhanced by material on positive education by Dr Martin Seligman and Dr Barbara Frederickson.This, combined with our own extensive experience and Victim, Thriver – The Journey, has assisted in the production of the Positive Solutions Program.

The sessions for parents and teachers explore the importance of each role, and the collaborative approach required for a whole of community approach to the issue of bullying.


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Enough is Enough – Bully (Yrs 3 – 6)

A summary of bullying and its effects, and resilience strategies to deal with bullying.

The Enough is Enough Bully program is an innovative, dynamic and experiential presentation which aims to tackle the growing problem of bullying inside and outside of school. The program provides students with an in-depth look into the many faces of bullying including passive bullying, cyber bullying, and the negative consequences of bullying, for the victim, the bully and the community at large.

Not only does Enough is Enough Bully target the bullying problem, it also aims to develop positive, robust and resilient students and citizens. By providing increased self awareness and promoting a sense of empathy students are encouraged to move beyond the social barriers to create an inclusive school community. The program emphasises personal Responsibility, Resilience and Relationships, and provides practical tools for conflict resolution and communication skills.

To assist these goals and encourage a whole community solution, parents and teachers workshops are offered as critical adjuncts to the program long term success.

The Enough is Enough Bully program consists of approximately a 50 minutes presentation and has been developed in Stage appropriate formats to cover years 1 to 10.

In Search of the Magic Bunyip

An Art Journey containing a range of misfit characters seeking to belong, as they pursue a common goal. The program includes a hands-on practical art session – all materials provided.

Anger – “D” Short of Danger Program (Yrs 5 – 6)

Understanding where anger comes from, who it affects and control strategies.

Team Spirit Support Groups (Yrs 4 – 6)

Is your child:

  • Being bullied?
  • Showing signs of not coping with challenging situations? Situations such as bullying, anxiety, stress, anger, separation/divorce?
  • Finding it difficult to express feelings?

Then Team Spirit is the right group for them. Team Spirit is an age appropriate support group for children and young people who are experiencing some of these challenges. It’s a place for them to talk and express how they feel in a confidential and safe environment. Fun activities are based around learning effective strategies and coping skills in an interactive manner.

Contact our office for further information on 9542 4029.


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