Our presenters have the experience, knowledge and determination to teach life skills which can make a positive difference. All of them, including CEO Ken Marslew AM, present with real life and academic experience few other people have, and bring an engaging passion for the role.

Ken Marslew AM AFAIM


Using personal experience and a wealth of knowledge, Ken encourages students to explore attitudes towards non violent conflict resolution, understanding negative behaviour and emotions, overcoming adversity, building resilience, personal development and leadership skills.

Ken B Marslew presents Enough is Enough programs for:

Jan Sky  (Dip CH DipCS RMASH)


Jan has a combination of skills in Coaching, Training, Sales, Counselling, and Clinical Hypnotherapy. With a psychology background, she provides balance in her presentation style which is both professional and easy to understand. She brings over 25 years of business and personal development experience to her audience and is acknowledged both in Australia and overseas for her contribution to the industry.

Jan is responsible for developing the ESI (Executive State Identification) Mapping tool which is based on ego state personality theory. This she uses with individuals and teams in the workplace. Her book ‘The Many Parts of YOU’ is published in English and Finnish.
Other roles that Jan performs are that of Crisis Counsellor, Support Group Coordinator and she currently delivers business development coaching/counselling.

Jan presents our Reach Out and Relate Program (for correctional staff and inmates).

Kellie (ACA, Dip. Couns.)


Kellie is a counsellor and presenter and has worked with EiE since October 2012. She is currently working on her Bachelor in Counselling, which she expects to complete in 2018.  Kellie enjoys working collaboratively and supporting people of all ages, and presents our monthly Stress and Anger Management workshop.

Michael (CAPA, B.A. Psych. M. Soc. Health. Couns.)

Headshot Michael

Michael is a provisional psychologist who joined Enough is Enough in August 2014. Prior to this he was working as a mentor with Youth at Risk. During which time he completed his Masters in Social Health and Counselling, with a research focus on offenders’ views of restorative justice. Michael presents our Promise Keeper Domestic Violence Awareness program for male perpetrators of Domestic Violence.

Hayley (ANZATA, M. Art Therapy, Grad. Dip. Couns., Grad. Dip. Ed., B. Fine Arts)


Hayley is a registered art therapist, counsellor, teacher, group program facilitator, artist and has worked at EiE since June 2013. She facilitates the Creative Paths to Healing support group for victims of crime.

Jesse McNeilly


Jesse is a veteran, social advocate and business owner. After a career in the army Jesse transitioned into public safety, firefighting, pre-hospital care and other disciplines. Jesse’s up-bringing taught him the importance of self-value, determination and dedication. Jesse has been involved in serious trauma in his life, with early years founded in public housing areas and a life journey that has brought him to his position today. Jesse is dedicated to enhancing our community through positive change and awareness. Jesse’s role at Enough is Enough is inclusive of Advocacy, business operations and education campaigns.



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