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Youth at Risk


Programs for Juvenile Correctional Centres and High School Students at risk

The R Youth Program

The R Youth Program has been designed to give young people (age groups from 11 years to 18 years) identified as “at risk” an understanding of their behaviour – the consequences of their behaviour and the strategies to deal with that behaviour in a simple and positive way. Raising empathy, building positive relationships and tools for emotional management, building resilience and personal values into daily life are also part of this proven program.

The program is suitable for co-educational groups, CALD groups or specific single gender groups.

Topics covered are:

  • Responsibility
    • Highlighting the impact of anti-social behaviour on the broader community
    • Raising the awareness of personal responsibility
  • Re-Evaluation
    • Past attitudes to a range of issues
    • Building values
    • Tools for positive change
  • Relationships
    • Dealing with emotions
    • Types of relationships
    • Goal setting strategies

We recommend separate sessions for teachers and parents to inform them and to assist in the best possible outcomes. On completion of the program attendees are given a certificate of attendance.

Time:  3 x 1.5 hour sessions

Reach Out and Relate Program

This program is presented in a fun and spirited manner encouraging participants to work together addressing observable behaviours when being part of a team. The objective of this workshop is to engage participants to identify their own level of emotions and look at strategies for positive change.

The presenter uses tools and techniques that involve and encourage participation of individuals to display their preferred behavioural style and address ways to modify behavioural issues. The presenter also addresses levels of conflict and involves participants in their own personal journey and previous conflict through to future change.

Using a range of techniques and activities to reach the objective the topics covered are:

  • DISC Behavioural Profile (modified)
  • Behaviours and communications
  • Team activity for change
  • Conflict escalation
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • The power of change

A Certificate of Attendance is given to those who participate fully in the workshop.

Safe Partying & Celebrating

Utilising proactive behaviour strategies, real-life stories and experiences, attendees develop awareness and skills to keep safe in a range of situations. Issues include drink spiking, drug and alcohol use, gate crashing, social media, getting home safely and one-punch laws.

Time:  Approx. 50 mins

Choices (Extremism)

The choices we make today will impact on the life we lead tomorrow. Our path to positive life may be challenged with radical ideas that will prevent us from achieving what we really want: peace, harmony and happiness.

Time:  Approx. 50 mins



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