Victim of Crime Support  – Enough is Enough was founded by Ken Marslew, following the senseless murder of his 18 year old son Michael at Jannali Pizza Hut in 1994. Since that time Ken has worked ceaselessly to promote the rights of victims through raising awareness of their needs through education, change to legislation and the promotion of personal responsibility.

Enough is Enough uses a unique counselling model Victim, Survivor, Thriver – the Journey which is based on personal experience, supported by professional training.

A definition of a victim is one who has no choice, it is acknowledged that there may be times in one’s life when you don’t understand that you have choices, however this is a temporary status. Staff at Enough is Enough is focus on assisting people to be aware of the choices available and on encouraging them to act on those choices to move on with their life.

You can then reach the position of being a survivor – one who endures. That is just getting on with life. There is however the opportunity to become a thriver, that is, you can take the worst thing that can possibly happen to you and use it as a learning experience to move on to have a more positive life style than previously.

Remember that victimhood is a temporary status, and by the use of positive reinforcement and support can be overcome.

Support Services for Victims of Crime

Counselling and Support Groups

We have qualified, experienced counsellors who can work with you. All counselling is confidential. We conduct group or individual, face to face and telephone counselling.

All our counsellors belong to professional Counselling Associations and have special areas of expertise, e.g. Domestic Violence, Relationship Counselling, Depression and Anxiety, Grief and Loss, Stress/Anger Management, Life Coaching-Mediation, Adolescent Behaviour/Adult Health.

Enough is Enough support groups aim to provide a caring environment in which people may share their experiences with others in similar circumstances, feel supported and gain access to information. All support groups facilitated by experienced staff.

Guided Self Empowerment Meditation


Uncover your inner strength with our Self Empowerment Meditation. With this guidance and direction, you can achieve inner strength and the ability to be resilient in handling the challenges and stresses of life.Play Time 7 min.

Information and Referrals

We have access to printed material and valuable contacts. Please contact us on 02 9542 4029.

Advocacy & Court support

Clients undergoing counselling often have current cases in the legal system ( domestic, family vilence, driving, road trauma, etc. )and require additional support while they attend court. We can provide them with professional support during this process, using our own staff or by referral to another court support provider. Court reports available.


We support the Conferencing process, where, in a structured, assisted format in a safe environment victims get a chance to confront those who have caused them harm. This is a powerful tool for emotional healing and acceptance.

Educational Programs and Workshops

Programs include:

Certifiate courses on a range of issues – e.g. Anger/Stress Management, Compassion Fatigue.

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