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Support Groups


Have you…

  • Been abused in your relationship?
  • Blamed yourself?
  • Been affected by trauma and pain?
  • Lost a loved one in road accident?
  • Been in a road accident yourself?
  • Been exposed to burnout or compassion fatigue?
  • Felt hopeless and alone?

The most helpful emotional support is to talk to people who recognise and understand this sort of pain – because they’ve been there – and who are empathic and non judgmental. It can be hard to talk to family or friends, particularly if they too are suffering, or are dealing with it in a different way to you.


Why Join a Support Group

A support group can help you to:

  • feel less alone and more supported
  • learn new strategies to cope
  • gain comfort from social interaction with others in a similar situation
  • stay positive when things are tough

Each support group meeting is facilitated by a professional counsellor. Please contact our office for details of your closest support group.


Enough is Enough Support Groups in Sutherland Shire

Empowerment Group

This group has been newly developed to support victims of domestic violence and help them learn skills and attribute that will allow them to get back to life and flourish.

1 ½ hour sessions on a weekly basis

Road Trauma Support Group

Have you suffered injury or loss as a result of road trauma?

The effects of pain and loss are very stressful and can negatively affect you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sometimes it helps to talk to people who:

  • understand first hand
  • won’t expect you to be yourself right now, or to ‘snap out of it’
  • aren’t going to be hurt by your tears

Professional counselling can also be beneficial. Our group is open to both men and women over eighteen.

Team Spirit Support Groups (Yrs 4 – 6)

Is your child:

  • Being bullied?
  • Showing signs of not coping with challenging situations? Situations such as bullying, anxiety, stress, anger, separation/divorce?
  • Finding it difficult to express feelings?

Then Team Spirit is the right group for them. Team Spirit is an age appropriate support group for children and young people who are experiencing some of these challenges. It’s a place for them to talk and express how they feel in a confidential and safe environment. Fun activities are based around learning effective strategies and coping skills in an interactive manner.

Contact our office for further information on 9542 4029.

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