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Road Trauma Network


Each year a great number of people lose their lives or are badly injured in road incidents. These tragedies cause immense emotional and physical pain for the survivors, and the families of those people killed or injured. The lives of those left behind are changed forever.

Enough is Enough Road Trauma Support Services

Our aim is to:

  • Assist people affected by any form of road trauma
  • Advocate for legislative change that will lower the incidence of road trauma
  • Promote availability of support services to trauma victims
  • Provide education programs and initiatives which raise awareness of responsible road use


Dealing with the trauma and grief, then integrating this tragic event into daily living requires courage and support. This support may come from partners, family, friends and counsellors.

We have qualified, experienced Counsellors who can work with you. All counselling is confidential.

Our counselling service is about empowerment through support and understanding. We conduct group or individual, face to face and/or telephone counselling. An interpreter can be arranged if necessary.

Road Trauma Support Group

Have you suffered injury or loss as a result of road trauma?

The effects of pain and loss are very stressful and can negatively affect you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Sometimes it helps to talk to people who:

  • understand first hand
  • won’t expect you to be yourself right now, or to ‘snap out of it’
  • aren’t going to be hurt by your tears

Professional counselling can also be beneficial. Our group is open to both men and women over eighteen.

Advocacy and Court Support

Clients undergoing counselling often have current cases in the legal system and require additional support while they attend court. We may be able to organise professional support during this process, using our own staff or by referral to another court support provider.


We support the Conferencing process, where, in a structured, assisted format, victims are able to confront those who have caused them harm. A trained Conference Facilitator provides a safe environment and our Counsellor provides adequate preparation and support during the process. This process is a powerful tool for repairing harm and paving the way for emotional healing.


Personal experience may allow people to see issues in a very different light. Sometimes those insights are valuable in bringing about change.

Change is very personal and may come in many ways. As we grow we can assist others.

Lobbying government in an appropriate manner may lead to legistative change.

Part of our agenda is to raise the awareness of the consequences of irresponsible road use. To that end we run programs in schools, with community groups and court directed programs. We work with councils on road safety issues.

Road Awareness Program for High School Students (Yrs 10-12)

Students learn about risk factors and consequences involved when driving or being a passenger. Using real life examples, this presentation deals with driver responsibility, attitude, drink driving and appropriate risk when using the road. True life accounts told by victims and offenders give students first hand information delivered with emotion and impact.

Time: 50 min


Location of Chapters

  • NSW: Sutherland
For more information download and print our Road Trauma Support Network brochure.


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