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Patrons & Ambassadors

Our Patrons & Ambassadors


Professor Ken Rigby, University of South Australia


Patrons & Ambassadors – Dr Ken Rigby is an ex-school teacher, currently Adjunct Professor (Research) in the School of Education at the University of South Australia. He has published widely in both academic and professional journals, especially on peer victimisation, and is the author of several books on bullying. These include “New Perspectives on Bullying”(2002), “Children and Bullying: How parents and educators can reduce bullying in schools”(2008) and “Bullying Interventions in Schools: Six basic Approaches”(2010).

He has been employed as consultant and adviser to both Australia State and Federal Education Departments. He has been engaged to speak at many conferences around the world and to provide workshops for teachers and counsellors. His work on bullying is described at

The Hon Greg James QC

Greg James

Former Judge of the NSW Supreme Court and Royal Commissioner. The Hon Greg James QC is presently the President of the NSW Mental Health Review Tribunal and Adjunct Professor at the School of Law Southern Cross University and Visiting Professor and Chair of the Curriculum Committee at the Law School University of Western Sydney.

Scott and Rhonda Gibbons

Scott and Rhonda EisE

Great long time supporters and patrons of EIE.




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