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Violence in our community affects us all.  It is a social disease which is the responsibility of everyone to reduce.   Enough is Enough Anti Violence Movement Inc. was established in 1994 after the murder of Michael Marslew, a university student working at Pizza Hut gunned down in a robbery in the local suburb of Jannali. His father, Ken Marslew – through the devastation and his own experiences – saw the need for a holistic approach for the needs of victims of crime, violence, anti social behaviour and later road trauma.

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The organisation commenced as a home based one man operation in 1994. Ken Marslew gave his first public presentation on November 2nd that year to an audience of 600 people assembled in the Sutherland Entertainment Centre. Buoyed by the reception he received, Mr. Marslew resigned his full time employment as a Corporate Sales Manager in December 1994 and started immediately to develop various strategies for providing creative victim support.

In 1995, Mr. Marslew began to provide court support and 24 hour telephone counselling services to victims of crime. By mid 1995 he had begun to give presentations in schools and later that same year he began meeting with perpetrators of crime in our jails.

Early in 1996 formal programmes were developed for delivery in schools and to community groups. At the same time Mr. Marslew was undertaking the role of an active lobbyist at all levels of government.

By December 1997, Mr. Marslew’s activities had outgrown his then residence and he purchased a home in Caringbah which also had a formal office area. Within the space of twelve months the organisation’s activities had expanded even further, to the point where it was no longer feasible to operate from a home office and the move was made to office premises located in Gray Street, Sutherland.

An involvement by Mr. Marslew early in 1999 in the filming of the documentary film “Facing the Demons” led to a flood of enquiries and helped establish a national & international profile for the organisation. The resulting increase in requests for information and provision of services led to an application in mid 1999 for funding to support a full time counsellor and a part time presenter of programmes to back the efforts of Mr. Marslew.

In the most recent years, Enough is Enough has developed into an organisation with 4 full time permanent staff, 7 different counsellors and psychologists, 12 different presenters and a wide network of volunteers and contractors to support the work of the organisation.

Enough is Enough moved into its new head office in Sutherland on Boyle Street in 2010 and is now recognized as a peak body in educational programmes, victim support services and co-operative justice strategies. The organisation has a state, national and international profile.

The definition of Enough is Enough

A long term anti-violence project based on personal responsibility and reform by education

Long term We have not arrived where we are in society overnight. Just like any commonsense business plan or project, we have in place short, medium and long term strategies to deal with the issues.

Personal responsibility Many blame others for the world we live in, but the reality is that we are all responsible for it. At no time in history has it been more important for individuals to accept responsibility for their actions (or lack of actions).

Education Information is the key to developing strategies that are capable of changing opinions and attitudes of individuals and societies to produce positive outcomes.


Ken Marslew (AM. JP. AFAIM)


Ken founded the anti-violence organisation “Enough is Enough” in 1995, after the senseless shotgun murder of his 18 year old son Michael in a bungled robbery at the Jannali Pizza Hut in February 1994.

Before establishing Enough is Enough, Ken was successful Sales Manager, General Manager, and Proprietor of an electronic security and home services business.

Since the inception of the organisation Ken has played an integral role in the establishment of the award winning ‘Peacemaker’ and ‘R’ (Responsibility, Rehabilitation, and Reintegration) programs.

He is affectionately known as the ‘Peace Warrior’ and the ‘Change Maker’. Ken Marslew is a man who puts thought into action. As well as working to reduce rates of crime and violence Ken is a strong supporter of victim’s rights and responsibilities.

Ken has represented the community on the following committees:

  • Premiers Council on Crime Prevention
  • Attorney General’s Victims Advisory Board
  • Victims Support Australasia
  • Corrective Service Restorative Justice Advisory Committee
  • NSW Sentencing Council
  • Young Offenders Advisory Council
  • NSW State Parole Authority


Ken has received:

  • Member of the Order of Australia
  • The Advance Australia award for service to the community
  • The National Violence Prevention Campaign Certificate of Merit
  • The Children’s Week Committee Award for Services to Children (2 years)
  • The National Enterprise Day award for work with youth
  • The Australia Post Small Business Award
  • Made an Honorary Lion for service to the Community
  • Rotary International’s Paul Harris Fellowship
  • Festival of Light Community Service Award
  • National Heads of Government Crime and Violence Prevention Award
  • Toastmasters International Leadership & Communications Award

“I am committed to creating a safer and just society for all”. – Ken Marslew







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